Create a Expat Life

Reinvent yourself and become who you want to be while living abroad.

Get clarity & find your purpose.

You feel scared all the time.

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Get clarity & Invest in your personal growth.

You feel constantly confused, lost and uncertain about what is going on around you. You cannot communicate fluently yet in the local language, so you feel alone and restless. If something unpredictable should occur, you will not know how to manage it. You feel scared all the time.

You know you want to feel better, more engaged and relaxed in your new environment.

 You should feel at your best anywhere you live.

Invest in yourself while living abroad.

We all have a purpose in life.

We all deserve success.

When moving abroad, many spouses struggle to find new ways to feel useful. You believe keeping your day busy only with hobbies and physical activities is not meaningful enough, and you sense you are wasting your time and potential. You also worry you will become resentful for moving abroad and eventually affect your relationships. 

You should not feel excluded.

Reinvent yourself while living abroad.

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Find Your Purpose


Unique Value


Feel engaged and motivated with your life.

Find your unique value and set yourself up to achieve any goal and life purpose.

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Reinvent Yourself


Regain Your Professional Career

Reinvent yourself & regain your professional career.

Create an online business from scratch with clear guidance & Mentor support.



Get Clarity



Move into your new life with a plan to regain your confidence.

Get clarity on how to become reassured & determined when moving abroad.

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Meet Susana

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I feel your discomfort because I felt it too

I have lived abroad for 25 years
Moved internationally over 10 times
Raised 3rd Culture Kids in a multicultural family
Helped other international spouses
Reinvented & Invested in Personal Growth


It is never too late to be what you might have been.

George Eliot

Stop stressing out while living abroad, feeling undervalued and lost. Feel confident and put into use your skills and unique value.

Stop stressing out while living abroad, feeling undervalued and lost. Feel confident and put into use your skills and unique value.

At "Abroad with Susana", I know you want to feel confident & valued. To do that, you need to find your purpose while living abroad. But you have nothing meaningful to do, not a clear idea of where to start, which makes you feel undervalued and confused. You lost your confidence, and you feel frustrated in the new environment. I honestly believe we all have a purpose & deserve to succeed in life.

I understand and feel your discomfort, and that is why I have helped other ex-pat spouses find a meaningful purpose and regain their confidence and clarity.

Here is how I do it:

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