What is Abroad with Susana?


"Abroad with Susana" is where I aim to provide some guidance and support to international women when starting a new life abroad.

Living abroad with your family can be a very exciting and excellent opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones. 

It also provides a chance to steer your life in a new direction. Start a new chapter of your life, meeting new people through another language, culture, background, or beliefs.

It may also present the chance to invest in your education or gain new skills.

Gaining new skills can lead you to reinvent yourself and take on new challenges.

Now could be the time to embrace opportunities and face challenging circumstances with strength and the right mindset.

It is a journey transitioning into your new routines, and we may find some troubles, but with support and care, we can all do it!

Welcome to "Abroad with Susana" and to your new International Life!



  • To support international women living abroad in finding their purpose & personal growth.


  • I look for high quality & reliable educational courses to acquire the digital skills needed to succeed in an entrepreneurial journey.


  • To create a life purpose while living abroad and make it a lifetime experience.


  • Life is to be lived to its fullest.


  • Love yourself, your family, and your friends.


  • Give yourself and them your time and dedication.


  • Your freedom is as much important as anyone else's. 


  • When you feel fulfilled positivity surrounds you and you project gratitude & care.


I believe in the importance of personal growth.
My goal is to support international women living abroad in finding their purpose.
I provide coaching services to Expat women who want to find a professional purpose when living abroad.

I am an Expat Life Coach to serve international women purpose-driven, to find the best solution for their needs.

I look for high-quality educational courses to acquire digital skills to launch an online business. A personal brand business with no geographical restrictions or time restrictions either.





With an international marriage and 25 years living abroad on different continents, having had raised Third Culture children in international schools, I can relate to many situations an Expat woman may face.

I always wanted to contribute somehow with my expertise to the professional world, but due to the constant moving and raising of two boys, I couldn't fulfil my purpose.

Since I found a way to set up my business online, I feel more engaged and motivated.


Now, knowing that I can support other Expat women to reach their professional goals without compromising their families or the experience of living abroad gives me the satisfaction and fulfilment I was searching for.

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