Moving abroad is not meaningful enough for you, and you sense you are wasting your time and potential.


GET A CLEAR PLAN to put into practice your knowledge and expertise.

The LAUNCH YOU PROGRAM will teach you the digital skills you need following a proven method to set up an online business.

ENROL in the Launch You program that better fits your needs.

Share yours with us.

At Abroad With Susana, I know you want a clear plan to practice your skills and abilities. To do that, you want a job or a project while living abroad.

But you have nothing meaningful to do, which makes you feel frustrated, confused & undervalued. You are worried about becoming resentful and disengaged with your life.

I believe we all have a purpose in life. No one should feel excluded from having a career and being financially independent.

I have lived abroad for 25 years & have moved internationally multiple times. 

We all deserve success.

I understand you and feel your discomfort which is why I have helped other ex-pat spouses recommending the Launch You programs find meaningful careers.

You should not feel excluded. Reinvent yourself while living abroad.

Personal & Skill Growth

Learn digital skills
Feel supported & guided
Reach your full potential

Purpose & Contribution

Meaningful Career
Contribute to society
Be key to your family. Set example


Financial Independence
Geographical independence
Time freedom

Follow a clear plan of action


Enrol in Launchpad, the Launch You program


Learn through the six-step by step modules


Create your online project

Mentorship & Implementation Program

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A proven system to help anyone to prepare, launch & grow a business online.

With the Launch You proven method anyone with no previous experience can prepare, launch and grow a business online.

Learn how to market & sell any product or service online.

Reinvent yourself & regain your professional career.

Create an online business from scratch with clear guidance & Mentor support.



1.- Launch You program provides ideas for you to figure out your offer.

2.- Choose the business model that suits you best.

3.- Follow step by step the Launch You modules with mentors and peer support.

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