5 tips on how to accept the change when moving abroad 📦

5 tips on how to accept change when moving abroad
Tips on how to accept the change when moving abroad

Moving abroad back where we lived

Change is never easy, especially when it requires us to dramatically alter the way we’ve become accustomed to living our lives. Moving abroad and leaving our comfort zone requires a combination of bravery and determination as well as education in that area.

At this point, and after being more than 12 years living as an ex-pat, going back to a place that I already knew was a bit disappointing. You see! I did not feel daunted or scared, neither see it as a challenge or intimidating experience. Instead, I felt like losing a chance to be in another place that I had not been there yet. My comfort zone was the feeling of a change! So different than when I left BCN more than 12 years back.

But I was serious about making this move worth again, so I took these steps to ensure success:

Educate Yourself before moving abroad

Aside from determination, education is the most fundamental key to your success. Knowing what you must do to accomplish your goals will give you the power to make them a reality. Consult a professional or check out a book written by a credible authority on the subject. You can also tap the wealth of information to be found on the Internet. 

Amsterdam is a very dynamic and alive city that offers a variety of activities. From art, sports, events, and cultural activities. I only needed to search for what I wanted to do that I did not explore in my previous years living there.

Set Reasonable Goals

After becoming educated, you will get a realistic picture of how long it will take before having some results. Having this knowledge upfront will prevent you from giving up too soon. I knew many friends were gone from Amsterdam, so I had to make new connections and be vulnerable again. 

Plan and Track your move abroad

If you’re trying to accomplish something that requires long-term commitment, take a journal or notebook to write down your short and long-term goals. Detail what resources you will use and by when you will complete them. Check each item off as you accomplish it. Keeping a journal to record your achievements can be motivating on those days when you feel like sliding back to your old ways. 

Just Say No

Avoid situations that will prevent you from accomplishing your goals. It is of great importance in the beginning before your new way of life comes naturally to you. Prioritize your goals.

Celebrate your bravery in moving abroad

Be proud of yourself for deciding to improve your quality of life. When you reach important milestones, reward yourself in a way that is in sync with your new lifestyle. 

Do you want the support of an Expat Life Coach practitioner? You do not have to go through this change by yourself. Asking for guidance is a smart way to start moving abroad!
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