5 Ways To Focus on Goal Setting

5 ways to focus on goal setting

Do you feel like setting up an online income stream is nothing but an obstacle course? Do you find it challenging to focus on goal setting?

It’s only normal to encounter obstacles in the pursuit of your goal. I want to encourage you to see these obstacles as pieces. Pieces to use to build a solution that will work for you. 

It’s not a kind of a test to see if you’re worthy, but more like blocks that can have a purpose and a function in your journey to grow as a person and as a professional.

However, when these obstacles start to become a nuisance to the point of almost putting a stop to your goals, or even worse, making you completely abandon your project, then one must take action and think things through.

So, with that said, here are some helpful, tested pointers that will keep your attention focused on achieving any goal that you put your mind to.

Think Positive when setting goals

Thinking positive means: Do not quit. Especially when you are midway in working for a goal, remember your passion, your WHY. What motivated you in the first place to start your journey?

To quit is equivalent to going back to the starting line of goal accomplishment. That is time, energy, money wasted and loss. 

Quit is more costly than finding a solution to the problem, not to mention the frustration one feels. So, I encourage you to find the benefits of keeping your pace and keep finding solutions.

Keep a clear mind, be open and tense-free mind.

Always be ready to receive new ideas to consider. Be focused and concentrate. Think in a wide-scale manner and always be open to new options to eliminate the particular obstacle you are currently dealing with. List all options you may have, even if you find them extravagant! =)

Persist and Persevere on your goal setting

Be sure to exhaust every possibility, even to the point of trial and error, only to be sure that there is a solution to correct the problem you’re dealing with. Keep persisting because there is always an option that will serve you as a solution.


Try to picture inside your head a possible solution. An option to help overcome and solve the obstacle setting you back. Visualize it as the optimal solution and work it out in your head.

Ask for Help on goal setting

Don’t be alone and get assistance from knowledgeable peers. Someone who has done the work before and has the experience. Their suggestions might not necessarily be the exact ones you were hoping to hear, but they may trigger some NEW ideas in finding the right solution to your problem.

I am an Expat Life Coach practitioner with more than 20 years of living abroad, and my mission is to encourage international women to invest in themselves. Invest in personal development and education.

In this sense, I recommend the Launch You program. To learn more about digital learning and what skills are necessary to launch an online project. Launch You is an educational platform that provides you with training, courses, technical support, and tools to create by yourself, at your time, a business that you love.

The most valuable asset of Launch You is their community and the sense of belonging. All members, either mentors or students, support each other by sharing tips and encouragement.

See you at my next post!

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