How to use meditation when moving abroad. 🧘

I wish I’d knew about meditation when I moved to Japan in 2006.

5 steps to using meditation to relax when moving abroad.

In 2006 we were back in Tokyo for a short period. How quick was that move?!  ….only for a school year, YES, just over nine months living in Tokyo. Having two toddlers and my husband working until almost midnight created daily stress affecting my life.  I was not enjoying a good night’s sleep, neither could I concentrate during the day. I wish I knew then about meditation! It would have saved me many lacks of energy and worries. 

What about you? Do you want to consider some meditation exercises? Here are the basic things you need to know!

What benefits will you get from meditation?

You are probably asking yourself whether meditation exercises work and what the benefits are. The answer is simple: yes and many!. Meditating presents a wide range of advantages, from better health, a better mood, and a night of better sleep to more energy, vitality, and focus, less stress, less frustration, and fewer worries. It sounds inviting, is it not? So, in case you have been feeling anxious because of a recent move. Or you are having sleep and concentration problems. Instead, you want to feel calm and, at ease then you consider start meditation exercises. 

What do you need to start meditation?

The first thing you need to start meditating on is determination and consistency. It is not like meditation exercises require specific tools or complicated techniques – basically, you only need the willingness to benefit from meditation. And, of course, you need a bit of time to allocate to your meditation session. Begin with 5  to 10 minutes per day, and grow to 15, 20 minutes in time. But there is one rule when thinking about starting to meditate. And that is relaxation. Meditation is not complete without relaxing the body and mind.

How can you relax?

We already established that you need to relax to meditate. But is this easy? For a beginner, it might be challenging. Most beginners in relaxation and meditation exercises find themselves thinking about daily problems. Instead of clearing their minds and enjoying the state of calmness, they wonder about worries when trying to meditate. Or others get bored when trying to empty their minds. For sure, those are not successful meditation sessions. Focus on only one thing. Start focusing on the sound of your breath. Still, even if you are not successful at the beginning, don’t worry. You will be better with time.

Where to meditate?

Moreover, to benefit from complete relaxation, you need to start your meditation techniques at the right time. Kids running through the house, a loud TV, or a noisy neighbour might not be the perfect environment to start to meditate. You want peace, quietness, a good atmosphere, a cozy corner, or a welcoming natural ambient. After you find a peaceful moment, try to let your body relax. Sitting down or laying down, push the tension down and loosen your muscles. Feel how your entire body feels better – this will help you clear your mind later on. Take a deep breath in through your nose, filling your lungs. Exhale through your mouth, slowly and calmly. Don’t rush it.

What meditation exercises to do?

There is an ample range of meditation exercises. As a beginner, you may try them all and find the one that suits you best. But, which are these different types of exercises? Here are some: 

  • Visualization exercises: you are picturing positive, beautiful elements, places, or moments.
  • Concentration exercises: you are trying to focus on sensations in your body. Your stomach rising while breathing or the warmth of the pillow on your back.
  • Breathing exercises: These are essential premises used in all types of meditation.
  • Others: include specific meditation exercises that regard better sleep, better appetite, less stress, etc.

Remember, if you want some results, you want to continue with your meditation exercises consistently. You will achieve that positive, well-being feeling that you are seeking. Have fun and keep positive! 

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