Moving mama abroad. THIRD TIME IS A CHARM🍀

Moving mama abroad. Three ways to take advantage of your time after having a baby abroad.

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Frankfurt A.M bridge and Mainz river

Filled with energy

In 2001 we moved to Frankfurt from Brussels. What was the best experience in Frankfurt…? Our second boy was born! Yay!.

Baby Daigo arrived. Another challenge… hahaha having a baby in a country neither you nor your husband speak the language nor know how the healthcare system works. It is not straightforward… to say the least!. So this being the third country I moved to in less than four years, I was pretty good at searching for information. I was feeling a bit doubtful at the beginning. But soon, I was determined to find a doctor with who I could easily communicate. And I found him! 

I needed a pediatrician… And I found her too!! Hahaha

Nowadays, how to get the information you need is much simpler. You just have to Google it!

Frankfurt in 2021

Look what I found with just typing some keywords in the searching engine. I leave it here for you, should you need it, if you are moving to Frankfurt in 2021. You want to know how to register your residency, apply for a parking permit, or how the waste collection works. 

Do you also like to follow the city on Social media? 

You see, I did not know much about Germany, or Frankfurt in particular. But I was getting comfortable at seeking help. When we are concerned, we tend to get anxious, which leads us to insecure and indecisive. But, the moment you know you can do it, and you have to do it ( I needed a doctor and a hospital to deliver my baby), then you are determined to resolve the situation you are in, right?

Having my second child allowed me to slow down and understand that it was time to invest in myself. Not only being present for my two children but to educate and get new skills too.

Now, you can feel confident to be ready to invest in yourself again. 

Learn the language

Did you move to Germany recently? So you want to learn German, right? 😊

I suggest you try this course online with many languages to choose from. They use stories for you to acquire a new language, making it very versatile, and most importantly, fun!

I will teach you a language

Firstly you will learn a language that helps keep your brain in good shape, and secondly, you will also meet other people! They will be going through the same experience as you are, so you can relate a lot with each other. As a result, you are making friends already. Marvelous!

Back to study

After few weeks passed since the delivery, and when Daigo was getting a more predictable timing, I noticed how many hours a day I could use for myself.

Therefore, I decided to go back to uni. Above all, this time, a course that motivated me. I did not have a clear goal for the future. How was I going to use the degree afterward? But I knew that I wanted to do it for the sake of it. To prove myself that I was capable. That was my practical action to my personal development.

What about a similar plan for you?

Check for yourself the many many courses you can enroll. Using educational platforms like Coursera and Udemy will help you achieve your goal! Learn more about it, and let us know what you choose!

Start your online business

When having a baby, many ideas come to mind! Right?

The baby world is enormous! 

Above all are you and your baby’s needs. Take this experience as a source of inspiration. 

That is to say, it is a time to put yourself in a place of learning. While you are aware of the needs of your newborn baby, you can reflect on new ideas. You can review, adapt and adjust what you know up to now. 

Being present with your child can come with many aha moments!

Write them down so later on, you can put them into practice.

In other words, you can use this time to come up with the core idea for a professional project. 

You can invest as much time, energy, and money as you want. At the same time, you can take it with you anywhere else you need. 

There are many options to check on how to start a business online. 

To learn more about it, so you can plan ahead, I recommend the Launch You. Launch You is an educational platform that provides training, courses, technical support, and tools to create by yourself, at your time, a business that you love.

Works like a charm

Choose to decide that YOU can do anything you put your mind to works like a charm. Firstly it is a choice that you make. Secondly, you act as if you knew all the steps. And then the path will present to you. 

Believe in yourself and take action in the goals you want to achieve. Having a baby gives you the mental and emotional strength to overcome many obstacles. Use this strength not only to love, care and educate your child but also to your benefit. It is an energy like no other.

In short, invest in yourself. Learn a language while living abroad and just had a child; learn a new skill and get prepared for, eventually, start your own business.

If you want to know more about Expat Life and how to start a business you love online, please check my home page. Even better, ask me about international life, I will be glad to share more tips. Hope to hear from you, soon!

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