what purpose to look for when living abroad πŸ–₯️

Here you will get 3 tips to prepare yourself to find a purpose when living abroad.

what purpose to look for when living abroad.
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When living abroad, one of the most common realisations is a sense of beginning. You have a similar feeling like when a New year commences, getting a new job, or starting a family.

For some of us, it meant as well the end of a lifestyle, a professional one. Deciding to leave your career to move abroad with your family might be a refreshing start. After some time, you may start reflecting on what is your purpose in this new chapter. 

Take up a pursuit that interests you 

When presented with the chance to start again, what would you like to pursue at a professional level?

Answer these three questions to be clear on what you want.

Why do you want to do it? Hint: it is not for the money! =) Think about your values as a person and reflect on how you’d like to honour them. For instance, is the freedom one of your values? Or is it creativity? Possibly is family since you have moved to live abroad with them!

What do you want to do? 

Secondly, you will think of an idea for a product or service to offer to the market that aligns with your values. Something that you are passionate about!

Finally, you will plan on how to put into practice these ideas to honour your purpose.

Connect with like-minded people

Now that you are clear on why and what you want to fulfil your purpose, you want to start the plan on how to do it.

That is to say, to lay down different options to put a plan into practice.

One option is to do it by yourself. Based on previous experiences and with a personally guided self-study.

Another option is to join a professional educational organisation that will offer you the technical assets and tools you will need.

Most importantly, you want to pursue your purpose with a supportive group of like-minded people experiencing similar goals. People who want to achieve and accomplish their purposes too will surround and support you.

Have a clear plan for your days.

Finally, you can create a SMART plan!

How do you know is a good plan? A good plan base answers these questions:

Firstly ask, What needs to be done?. Is it finding a course on how to learn digital skills? Maybe it is even more specific, like Study the Modules 1 to 3 on your course.

After that, ask yourself -How many steps will I take? Which ones?- Measure the steps to know precisely how many are they. For instance, check on google, check on FB, ask a consultant. 

Later see How long do you need to invest? Use time units to answer this question. Will it be minutes, hours, days or weeks? 

Be reasonable and check what resources will you use. A laptop, desktop? Which apps will you need? Do you have access to a library with books and textbooks? 

Lastly, be clear to set up a time frame. Write down in your diary by what day will you finish this task. 

Are you ready to find your purpose?

In short, to look for a purpose while living abroad, you can start by reviewing your values and what motivates you. The second step is to find help from supportive people who understand what you want to achieve. Lastly, set a clear and specific plan of action following five questions. Having a plan will help you to be accountable!

If you want to learn more about starting an online project using digital skills to fulfil your purpose while living abroad, click the button below. It will take you to an EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM where you can begin your training right away. Join the group, the same as I did, and we can work together!

See you at my next post!

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