how can you regain a professional career while living abroad? 💻

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Are you worried that putting aside your career since you moved abroad may end up being a final decision?

Moving abroad with your spouse is exciting – but it can cost your professional career.

You worry that putting aside your career since you moved abroad may end up being a final decision. You fear you won’t be productive anymore. You might even worry about losing your partner’s respect or struggling to be an example to your children. 

I understand. You are not the only one. 

I have been living abroad for more than 20 years, and I had felt the same way. Until I found a way to work from home with the SFM program co-founded by Stuart Ross, and my day-to-day life changed completely.

In this FREE workshop series, you will learn from Stuart, the SFM business system and HOW it works for you to start a business online.

With this workshop series, you will:

✔️ have clarity and start exploring different ideas on how to shape a digital business for you.

✔️ get the basic training without any geographical restriction at your own pace and time.

✔️ follow simple steps that will guide you to the next level.

Take me, for example. When I got married and moved abroad, I put aside my profession, and even though I worked for a while, there was always a new move somewhere else. When my two children were born, I knew I had to be there for them, because we didn’t have family or friends to count on.

So I stayed home and managed the logistics of our constant moving abroad family.

Since I watched the SFM workshop Series, I got clarity on the steps I needed to take. I learned how to set up a digital business that I can take anywhere I move. It was then I knew I had the chance to regain a professional career. At my own pace and time. About my passions and interests. I set up Abroad with Susana to support international women when living abroad.

Provide me, your name and email address now to receive this FREE Workshop Series so you can start having clarity, basic training and taking the next steps to achieve a fulfilled professional career back in your life.

I hope you can now stop worrying about losing your career while living abroad.  

If you’d like to regain a career and a professional purpose while living abroad then, learn from Stuart Ross,  HOW the SFM business system works, and how you can start working online, too.

I am welcoming you to be part of the SFM community!.

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  1. Shoh kawauchi ortega

    This sounds like a great way to start a new chapter in a new place!

  2. Thank you, Shoh! My goal is to help as many international women who’d like to regain a professional career as I can. Feel free to share this blog post with your friends.

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